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Write without distractions.Publish with one click.All from your desktop.

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With scribbble, you write fast, uninterrupted, without distractions.

When you're done, you can edit, or just hit publish.

Boom. Just like that, your post is live.

It's the easiest blogging platform you've ever used.

It's so simple, you'll wonder why it wasn't invented earlier.

How it started...

tweet screenshot from Gene @cogentgene saying 'A Mac OS app with a simple text editor to write. Hit publish. Creates a simple blog. Custom domains. This is what I want. Will pay a one time asking price of your choosing'.'

Some tried, but none delivered.

Why is there no app that enables you to open a document with a shortcut, write, and hit publish and be live in seconds?

Scribbble lets you do just that.

Open a doc with a shortcut (specified by you).

Write without any distractions. No editing screen, no autocorrect, no titles. Just get your thoughts out.

Done writing? Feel free to touch it up in editing, or just upload as is.

It's live in seconds.

Your blog. Your thoughts. Unleashed.

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